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About me - Iluska Beaton

My name is actually Ilona Louise Beaton, but my mother wasn’t that fond of Ilona and hence I have always been called Iluska, its like Sarah and Sara in Hungarian, My father was Hungarian but sadly passed away when I was six. I was born in Paddington and raised in Notting Hill Gate.

After secondary school I went to the London Collage of Fashion to study Fashion design. I loved the course but realised fashion design wasn’t for me but I did realise that art and being creative was something I really enjoyed, although I wasn’t sure I wanted a career in it. I was offered a managers position in Sock Shop where I had worked part time so I decide to pursue that. I then worked in various retailers, Selfridges, Mappin & Webb and before I became a mother I was with Montblanc for ten years as a UK service co-ordinator.

I loved Montblanc but had always wanted to be a mother and I was lucky enough to meet Malcolm and everything fell into place. We bought Beaton House in November 2009. We then build a annex on the side of the house for my mother who is a retired primary school teacher so a massive resource, just next door! It’s also wonderful for the girls to be close to their nana.

I left Montblanc when we had our first daughter Amelie in June 2010. Having Amelie was life changing for me. I found being a mother so rewarding and fulfilling. We had our second daughter Freya in January 2012, & she proved the love you have for your child doubles and there is just twice as much joy in the world.

The last four years have been truly wonderful, I feel very blessed and now as the girls are growing I feel that the amazing experiences I have had as a mother are valuable as a childminder. I love being around children, they challenge you, make you think, they are funny, caring and full of wonder and that, I truly relish being part of. As childminder I will be able to offer valuable support and a positive environment for them to discover who they are, find their feet in the world & be able to enjoy the journey.

I am very flexible and child led, I haven’t had to adapt my house for childminding as my children have created a wonderful space that is already perfect for childminding. I don’t have set routines or meal plans. I believe that when a child is showing interest in something that’s what we will do. I will guide as needed but there are always things for them to do to self explore. I believe its fun if a child is interested in the “sea” we then explore that, for example jumping in the car and going to the seaside, make a tuff tray with things we think the sea has/is, go to the fishmongers and they could pick a fish they then help prepare for dinner.

I believe by listening to the children they will come up with wonderful things to do, that are both tremendous fun and also incredibly educational.

Beaton House Aims

To Listen

I will listen to your child. I want to gain their trust and I believe it is important for them to be able to feel happy sharing what they have done at home on the weekends etc, but also to share any concerns or fears they may have so I can support them.

It’s also important to listen to be able to hear what your child needs, so they feel valued and part of Beaton House.

To Praise

Children need lots of praise. I will praise your child for their achievements, wither its tidying up, sharing, doing their buttons up, learning phonics or drawing a picture. I will ensure that they know I am seeing all the wonderful things they are doing & that I am proud of them. In turn I will share the wonderful moments I see with you so they can feel proud of themselves achieving something or making good choices can have even when they go home.

To Encourage

I will always encourage your child, I will encourage them, with eating their tea, finishing something they might be finding tricky, using the toilet, making new friends etc. I will be a supporting hand and a smile to help & encourage them to help build their confidence.

To Help

I will help them when needed, to finish building a tower to work out what colours to mix to make “pink”, to tie their shoelaces. If they need help I will be someone they will feel happy to ask for help.

I will follow the EYFS and ensure that your child enjoys their time here and feels involved in the environment.

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About Me and my aims

Hi, I'm Iluska Beaton, and welcome to the site for Beatonhouse Childminding.

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Activities and the EYFS.

I am constantly looking for new places to go to explore and play, Visit the activities page to see just a few of the places we visit.

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Food! Glorious food.

Food is a big part of life in The Beaton House. I have a love of food & I think it is very important that children are involved with food from a young age.

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"Iluska is extremely warm and welcoming and has formed great relationships with my children"

"I would strongly recommend Iluska as a childminder as she provides a simulating and warm environment in which children can flourish and develop into individuals."


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"Her house is a treasure trove of fun and educational activities for children."

"Iluska is very interested in educating the children about healthy eating and to this end often involves the children where appropriate in cooking activities - this can range from making their own pizza to helping to prepare a rainbow trout!"


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"I have known Iluska for 10 years. she really sets the childcare bar high."

"The home environment she provides for her children is both nurturing and stimulating and if she was my childminder I would be safe in the knowledge that my children were being very well looked after."


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